How Enterprise Analysis Can Help You Choose the Right IT Projects

Good morning and welcome to video blog by Fortress Technology Planners Today we’re going to continue

our series on IT methodologies We’ll be taking a closer look at the business analysis methodology

and more specifically enterprise analysis Enterprise analysis is one of the three things

that have business analyst can do to help your organization The other two are solution

assessment and requirements analysis we’ll be talking about them in subsequent videos

Today our focus is enterprise analysis Enterprise analysis is related to strategic planning

It is related to determining which projects are going to enact and which changes you’re going

to implement within your organization The first step in enterprise analysis is to define

the business need Oftentimes what we see is business stakeholders who don’t put enough

time and energy into this, unfortunately They focus directly and immediately on solutions

What happens is business stakeholders have a tendency to skip a step here They have

a feeling, they have a perception, or in all likelihood, they probably also have some evidence

that there is some type of problem or opportunity that needs to be addressed Some change needs

to be enacted into the organization Business stakeholders have an awareness of this and as

I said they might have some supporting information to indicate to them that this change is necessary,

along with their own expert judgment Unfortunately what happens sometimes the business stakeholders IT services oxford

will take that feeling, they will take that perception and immediately choose a solution

They are kind of jumping the gun a little bit that case You have a problem so you go to the garage

and you take a look at all the different tools that you have available that you could use

to solve that problem What they’ve missed here and what does require a little bit more attention

is actually defining what that problem or opportunity is Having a strong definition

of that problem or opportunity is critically important If you think about it Your choice

of solution, your entire investment in purchasing and implementing that solution, and

the length of time of the project, and ultimately the solution that you end up with and the

structural capital that you develop within your organization All come back to this critical

decision of defining the problem So if you don’t put a strong effort in here, if you get this

wrong by % or % or let’s say, heaven forbid,  or %, you’re going to spent a lot of money,

you expend a lot of resources and energy, in an inappropriate direction; in the wrong way

You’re going to solve perhaps the wrong problem You’re going choose the wrong solution, and this is what enterprise

analysis aims to avoid This first critical step within enterprise analysis is to define the

business need Oftentimes as I said the business analyst will come into organization and find

stakeholders who are not talking about business needs, but they’re talking solutions that they

have already selected without having a strong understanding of what the business need is For your small

medium business, make sure that you engage somebody to help you out in this Make sure that you engage

in business analyst who can look at your business need Who can ask you the right questions You may

have a lot of tacit knowledge, a lot of knowledge and information that your you know it, and

are aware of, but perhaps have trouble articulating It is the same thing for all of the other members

of your organization There is some work to be done here Some elicitation to be done to develop

that strong understanding of what the business need is before we go on to choosing solutions,

implementing them, and spending on the heavy dollars that are those portions of the project

lifecycle This is been Jonathan Nituch from Fortress Technology Planners, we are an IT solution

provider in Calgary We will speak you tomorrow

Installing Glass Bathtub Shower Doors – Tub Door How To

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tears with school here

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you flying dove ground down there

then there’s a clear silicone glue here

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I you see is a big where r

card and glass doors

silicone old

cleans up spirit down

every foot in the door have

the base real to saudi riyal

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we’re gonna the base real

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SCOOTER Store  percent sold

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winter look good court

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parallel-line going to see it

alright ain’t down some cylinders is

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containers doesn’t matter

is that the use port city stance with insurgents a

he just a bit here flips the bottom edge

up doesn’t let it push down on them on this

I this much so he put on

since or so or something pushed down where you need it to

the take be to silicone and really

can’t believe that forever least

hours to dry and

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use the hardware

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here’s a look for the clinton also moved

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well we on one sheet

glass one door

writing on this side of the track you will

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see the inside with hers and then it

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and then we put on the plastic on the bottom we’ll see

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the lace clean look

works very well

thing you have to do

is put in this piece o quiescent see

good for the jurors

to do is snap it in under here first on the side

the little pieces are double stick tape underneath your city

take it bring up the backing click it in under here

and then tap into place all the way to the hilt

to where you want to be in the middle that this rail

and then once its weird is the push

there if you make a mistake it’s going to be near impossible to get it off

without even breaking

plastic just having a miserable time do itself

be careful with that for

be here president clicking here

but don’t click on this side is the side not getting to where you want it

and push them and should work out just fine

we were use the shower sometimes

and it has nobly so it worked out really well

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors Part 1: Sanding


I am tale and the owners

worse things for service and we’re gonna give you a little tour the job that

we’re doing today

here in the Oakland hills this is a typical course on

Michael random plank flooring and

what we’re going to do today is showing the process from

from beginning and

and a lines

why I’m sure says

I various okay for

is the paris police sise Sahara

was low-key I was these are in Jersey

mind joyous and classism

and videos heels through the floor sanding hampshire

all through the some orange lace

I’m ten Anasazi texting you

honoring for my this is

Esan all routes between Morris

the last third

all finish yeah here then send

adults be easy to use but see

they have by

there that’s

dog is the last causes

it is not just a and the groove a little gray and black

so my name is we live we will be able to get

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daresay class primo

here go Andrew

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Monster’s University – Promotional Merchandise (Disney Store Promo PIXAR)

everybody you can hear

today we’re going to take a look at some unique monsters University

promo items from Disney’s Pixar arm

if you like collecting you like orchestra make sure you check out

you have called the collector for

iPhone iPad Mac

Android that allows you to manage all your collectibles and

it’s really awesome app summitry check out collectors and there’s a link in the

description and

and right here on the video cities click that it’s a free app to download and try

so if you like working stuff like I do obviously are

go ahead and give that have tried and I can t like it

so let senator take a look at what we have here today

we’ll take a look at the one on the left first this is a monsters University

tote bag this is from the Disney Store you got any Disney Store promotional merchandise

riders and it was three dollars and fifty cents

just got a nice I’m their plasticky feeling glossy

monsters University picture on the front

on the back you’ve got nice when it’s full

I’m sorry yeah night it’s slowing

the committee that six

sides on the bottom ok

disc so it’s a nice little bag usually does the cells the spring

is that they have come in but if you click monsters University staff roster

thanks to

gonna happen chief  next thing we take a look at his are monsters

University composition

other notebook this is unopened I’m

but inside as far as I am staying inside its just paperback

it’s an open because america so if somebody else

but I started show you what the cover looks like

for very nice kinda flimsy me it’s like a typical nobre

Schoonover before supports University logo

and the price was

US which is really expensive for something like this

and you can only get this from the monsters University

store not that is the store its partners the payment is through the Disney Store

but if you search monsters University Birkin nice there’s actually a monsters

University store on their little

fake website that they made that Disney made

no you can bite some of these items here on their

site so this is their composition book

this is a little notebook this one’s action line I so this isn’t passed

he really see it in the video

the future this way see that is raised

minutes but with a strap again this is an open to american openness

British paper inside him I have some workers on the paper for the for the


in this workers also

so quite expensive for

I this is a monsters University

flats this is actually really nice I like this

and again this is rights

don’t worry there for

very few if you like electing like Disney classes and things like that


this is a really nice piece to have and pretty sure it’s pretty limited again

this is from the same store

monsters University store and then last we have this said I’m

track called kinda thermos mug travel mugs

from this this doesn’t have any

texter  is his career printed on here really unlike the glass

which penny has a textured feel this does not

you can tell this is canada generic you know these printed it from this company

can proceed on the video here synergy

makes this in a just and the disney pixar logo on their

fifteen dollars and fifty cents I mean you could probably find these

without the logo for four dollars maybe so

its it’s just the logo that adds to enter rare item mean

once these are gone you’re gonna mean you never gonna be a fine to me you


you see these are the very things so anything open it up

excuse me and put it down open about

it’s just a little sis America

through brain injury flared graphic special inside

just you pretty generic Cup

but sponsors University if you’re a collector

Disney stuff you gotta have it

so I have more coming on the way make sure you check out my videos subscribe

this like this

and I will be definitely bring a lot more

Disney related items are has their very

so thanks for watching

Kungkrut does [LEAGUE OF LEGENDS] Will it support? Annie

kooning this video might contain

bad role play bad language

and that plays watch

on your own risk on

the most impressive thing about have a negotiation

is that you’ve got a gold frame as well your yes

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nicely charred thing is that we have fun let’s do it

know I can recheck and rich abort mission

fish to forfeit now no no

can reach now now

all the peeps mad yes good eats

I’m gonna do it way yeah now allo

willow skin I’m gonna work try

are you going two tries to ward

you who go heard


I feel I can have been doing too much


that’s probably the most uninspired by whom I’ve

ever hook which assembly with sign

from lose a few

Pavo very whole to go to a week we go


room I love words

I’m gonna board fits so we know that no one’s

coming yes yes yes acting

is is fun Friday Friday

gotta get


I V spawned yeah

uncoordinated again respond part it come on that’s the most boring downside ever


what but thats look at her die at the end of a quiet but went down construct I

really see myself playing and I support again

great fun that been a nerd bat bad Bernama

what do you think about jungle Anne now the hard work

you remember the last time know I was counter gentler Anne

that’s not the same actually general ani before

yeah was an amazing cuts not amazing but it works

I think it’s making I’m let me know that you know of


at the way talk to you later I

I think this is and the hardest game both the great him

at me is a step you so funny well we’re gonna do it and i also

and the swedish-born incoming startling Utah

star me I am gonna watch annie are you okay

create those suckers school right then offered

of you go roof practical I just love peons fun

this is a scary place to be on ice

cool yeah

who to arts yeah

to spare no expense man no I’m a rich kid meh

ok crap but on your scrooge if

Notre about yes or

not at all where art

doomed doomed victim find

me a needlessly large penis yes

yeah the woman’s death trap skid

are set on a got four walks I don’t agree with the outcome in this game I

you think that and the support is viable yeah it works

i’ve seen

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from the s room in mind that i phone in with any

no don’t run away from me soon see

then it is a alone bring any

Teeth Whitening Tips: How Teeth Bleaching & Whitening Products Work

Hi, I’m Katrina Szish for Howdini

Today we’re going to talk about how teeth whitening works

To do that, I’m joined by cosmetic dentist Dr

Nice to see you

Nice to see you

So everybody wants that glamorous gleaming grin

Now, how white can you actually get your teeth?

It’s a very good question teeth whitening products

Every patient comes in and say they want their teeth whitened

They want their teeth to be as white as this celebrity

Well, unfortunately, most of the celebrities that you see on TV, their

teeth are very white because they have porcelain veneers

They didn’t get that white through bleaching

I tell my patients you have to be realistic about how white your teeth

can get from bleaching

It’ll definitely get white

You’ll definitely look refreshed

I say a good result is if you notice a difference from the bleaching, then it

was a good result

Makes sense

Great advice

Now, how long does professional whitening actually last?

It’s very unpredictable

It works great on some people

And unfortunately, bleaching does not work on everybody, but you will get

some good results

You will have to maintain that bleach because it’s not going to

remain white forever

OK, now, of course, the question everybody wants to know–

how much will this cost?

It varies

In-office professional whitening can range anywhere from

about $ up to $,

Take-home trays given by dentists also range from about $ to $

And then over-the-counter products are much more reasonably priced at around

$ to $

They do work as well

OK, now, how can you tell if your teeth are actually just a certain

color or if they’re stained?

How can you tell the difference?

Well, you use your teeth often, and they are porous so they

can accumulate stain

So red wine, coffee, chocolate, they all stain the teeth

So we use a surface stain remover, such as a whitening toothpaste, and

that will remove the surface stain, and that’s the color of your teeth

OK, now, what is all of this doing to my teeth?

Well, first let’s talk about the difference between

bleaching and whitening

So whitening is when you make your teeth appear whiter than they are by

removing the surface stain, and that’s with whitening toothpaste, whitening

mouth rinse

A lot of over-the-counter products say they’ll whiten the teeth

They do so just by removing surfacing stain

Bleaching is different

Bleaching has an ingredient called hydrogen peroxide

And bleaching actually puts a hydrogen peroxide material, which is a

bleaching agent

And the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide will oxidize these

long-chains stains and breaks these chains up intrinsically, and that

actually bleaches the tooth, making the teeth lighter than

they actually were


Now, is all of that safe?

The only side effects it can have is that it can make your teeth

temporarily sensitive and it can irritate the gums

away within a day or two, and there’s no negative effects

That sounds amazing

Is this something I can do for the rest of my life?


As you age, your teeth are going to stain

They’re going to accumulate more stain as you age, so you want to keep your

teeth refreshed and white

So yes, you can maintain bleach, and you can bleach throughout the

rest of your life


All great advice

Thank you so much, Dr

Much appreciated

OK, now, I feel like a whitening wizard

How about you?

Let’s recap

Whitening your teeth has three steps

Stain removal by a good oral care routine and using products that help

whiten your teeth

Stain bleaching for the discoloration that exists below the enamel surface

This can be done by your dentist or with an in-home system

Stain protection by avoiding the food and drink that causes surface stains

Keeping up your routine

And as always, talk to your dentist first on one of your

next regular checkups

On behalf of Crest D White, I’m Katrina Szish for Howdini

For more information, check out the website

Tutorial – Lego Sliding Glass Doors Using Common Parts [CC]

This is another Lego tutorial from Jaystepher and I’m just showing you my sliding glass doors from the last video

This is another Lego tutorial from Jaystepher and I’m just showing you my sliding glass doors from the last video

And I’ve been getting several comments on them

One of them was, where do I find this track?

One of them was, where do I find this track?

Apparently this is a hard-to-find item

So I was thinking maybe I should make an alternate

So I was thinking maybe I should make an alternate

construction of this without using this track piece here

construction of this without using this track piece here

So we’re gonna start making a whole new door sliding glass doors

So we’re gonna start making a whole new door

Now we’re going to start with the base like we did before

Now we’re going to start with the base like we did before

Let’s use some -by plates

Now the construction on this is going to be a lot more different

than the previous door because we’re going to have to make our track by hand

than the previous door because we’re going to have to make our track by hand

So once we get all this constructed,

one of things we’re going to do, we’re going to stick a smooth tile in here like so

We’re making our track

That’s where the sliding window’s going to be

Then we’re going to take another smooth piece,

put it here for the edge of the track,

and a smooth piece for inside the track

and a smooth piece for inside the track

I’m choosing a dark grey because my windows are dark grey

So it should look something like this

Now let’s start building up the walls

A lot of you are going to find this is probably going to be more easier for you

because of the fact that you don’t need the special parts

However there’s a drawback

You’re going to need a lot more parts

The wall construction is the same

So we’re just going to build the walls up six elements high

So we’re just going to build the walls up six elements high

That’s the height of my windows

Get this started

No need to go through this real fast

Although I’ve already knew how to do it

So we’re just about done here

This part of the construction is the same from the last Lego tutorial

It’s just simple walls

And I’m thankful for all the comments point this out because I thought that track piece was a very common piece,

And I’m thankful for all the comments point this out because I thought that track piece was a very common piece,

And I’m thankful for all the comments point this out because I thought that track piece was a very common piece,

and apparently it wasn’t

Once we get up to this part here,

it looks almost the same that

Now we need to start assembling this track

Now it kind of looks the same as this one in the back here

It looks almost identical

Now let’s set this other window in here

Now we to make it top track assembly

Now we to make it top track assembly

Take one of these  by  plates

Take one of these  by  plates

That’s to keep the window, when you close it, from falling out

or falling in and getting stuck

So now we’re going to make a track for the door

I’m just going to take some of these  by  plates and one  by  plate

Start covering this whole thing over

It should look something like this

It should look something like this

And let’s start filling in these top spots here because we got to make all of this level

So this should be very easy to do

And then we’re going to come in and we’re going to stick two pieces

back here like so

Now, on top of this window here, you’re going to need to put a smooth tile

or else it’s going to get hanged up with the pegs

or else it’s going to get hanged up with the pegs

And it should look something like this

Now we’re ready for this top plate we’ve just made

Set it on here like so

Kind of get everything positioned

It should look something like that underneath

Okay, we’re going to flush this up

And then we’re just going to stick

some smooth tiles on the top

some smooth tiles on the top

The smooth tiles will also double up as strength

because these are all separate pieces

If they made a plate at the top would be great

And this is for your roof

There you have it

It’s the same thing

You can fill these in

You can fill these in

I just want to give you a quick demonstration, and you can see the track underneath is the same

It’s actually the same thing as this one

It’s actually the same thing as this one

I’ll zoom out here and show you the difference

This is the inside view

Of course, this is up higher so make sure you compensate that when you build your Lego house

Of course, this is up higher so make sure you compensate that when you build your Lego house

Here’s the outside view

Here’s the outside view

since they didn’t have that

But there you have it

Two sliding doors

Now I wish this top track

I wish I could find these in white but I was at least happy with this in grey

This needs to be in white but it’s grey so I can’t complain

So there you have it

A nice Lego slider

without the use of this track

I’m pretty much sure

everybody should have these smooth tiles

Just very common parts

Plates, tiles, and the windows

Plates, tiles, and the windows

Very simple

Very easy to construct

So, there you have it

So, there you have it

You can add me as a friend, subscribe

so you can keep updated on the

latest tutorials that I post

You subscribe to me, I subscribe right back

So thanks for watching

Finest Office Furniture Supplies

as living standards have continued to improve over the years

the consumer’s expectations on the quality of furniture

a much higher now than ever before not only focusing on home furniture anymore

office furniture at the same time has to achieve exquisite call T

in appearance design the use of materials

and craftsmanship in this video

we’re gonna show you how finest with its fifteen years of experience in the

furniture industry

produces its high quality products its newly established factory

in mainland China most the finest products are made of high-quality chip

boards produced by me a co office furniture

me a call was one of the largest chip board manufacturers in Asia

it produces b e and super easy Roach aborts

be support so meet the environmental protection standards

in Japan and Europe the german-made Paper Press from the board

if they pick Nate it with good quality egg during production

under a CNC control program using this method

the perfection a product quality is guaranteed besides

choosing the right suppliers also very crucial as such

we work with well-known suppliers for their high quality products

as the saying goes good craftsmanship

quite shocked and efficient tools we therefore need the best machinery

for furniture production what are these machines is how much

CNC panel saw it is able to carry a pedal slowing

speed and accuracy with the size hallways the linear meter

as little as

the CNC processing center manufactured by Ho Mac

with its versatile functions it is capable of replacing several individual


to complete the processes of sizing profiling

drilling grooving and edge banding whenever the need arises

using the CNC processing center

the entire process reduces reliance on labor skills

and the boys man made mistakes

another machine uses home aids edge banding machine

which performs trimming snipping and scrapping it can be fitted with edge

bands up to a thickness of three millimeters

and height of  millimetres mass production can be made at a very high


meters per minute such reliable equipment

is vital making a perfect products we keep automatic high speed boring machine

is renowned for exceptional stability during operation

it ensures precise and speedy drilling automatically finishing the production

workpieces within a minute a finished product requires a suitable packaging


to ensure its full protection during delivery to its customers

to avoid any possible delays in mistakes in the delivery of our products

we make use a very stakes are trademarks and packing labels

different colors for identification to protect the benefits of customers

find this is committed to bear all the responsibility is regarding the quality

of its products

Finance has developed a comprehensive checkup mechanism

which is carried out by all its employees each step in the preparation

of the documentation has to be cross-checked

regarding quality control the second inspections one of the major routines

carry up

for product delivery every finished product has to meet our high and

stringent standards


finest emphasizes the significance of strict production management

all materials have to be systematically stored up and every step in production

standardize and well recorded

minus is also very concerned about product development and marketing trends

we continuously introduced innovative products and striking advertisements

caring for the environment is also very important to finest

we utilize of cuts from a shipboard for the production of panels

bookcases and smaller items such as mobile computer systems


after many progressive changes Finance has been expanding its

away in business rapidly without worldwide partners from the US

Japan countries in Europe and South and Central America

recently Finance has partnered with Nobel in Mexico

to develop a new series of office furniture systems

Taiwan is the most valued asset a finest

finest believes that knowledge capability and work experience of its


are key factors to the company’s success and it recognizes the importance of

providing professional

all-round training and development regular training courses include routine

fire safety drills

and product training courses as well as practicing the operation of machines

in addition to using advanced equipment

a pleasant working environment is also important in the production of

high-quality products

finest factories equipped with a large scale centralized s retracted system

with a vacuum in capacity of  cubic meters per hour

this maintains good air quality  production

and protect the workers health conditions finest strictly follow safety

precaution guidelines and its production

and puts the safety of its workers at the highest priority

finest understands accidents may happen management other factory neglects the

importance of industrial safety

besides minus is also very concerned about the provisional other facilities

and the needs of its employees to recognize their contributions to the


there’s a spacious dormitory and recreation rooms providing TV and


for workers to relax to during their leisure time

fine issues as quality materials advanced equipment

and a high efficiency management system to produce office furniture I can fully

meet the needs of various types of officers

we hope that this video has helped you to better understand finalists furniture


if you would like to know more about finest you’re most welcome to visit our

company website at

www dot finest dot com

talk HK